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18 Famous Celebrities Who Committed Suicide




Over one million people commit suicide every year, making it the 10th
leading cause of death worldwide.  It is a leading cause of death among teenagers and adults under 35.  There are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year.  The most common cause is a variety of underlying psychiatric disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, and drug abuse.  The most common method is gunshot.  This list will be examining some famous cases of suicide.  

18  Jeff Alm

Committed Suicide: 1993



Jeff Alm was an American football player who played defensive tackle for the Houston Oilers of the National Football League.  He was the 41st pick of the 1990 NFL draft and attended the University of Notre Dame.  Jeff Alm and his best friend, Sean P. Lynch, had dinner at a local steakhouse on December 13, 1993.  The following day, Alm’s Cadillac lost control heading south on Intrastate 610 southbound at the 59 north exit ramp and Lynch was thrown out of the car through the passenger window to his death. Jeff Alm had been speeding and lost control of his 1993 Cadillac El Dorado on a curved exit ramp.  After the crash Alm ran across the ramp and looked down an embankment towards the Southwest Freeway, discovering that his boyhood friend had been thrown to his death 30 feet below.  Apparently distraught by his best friend’s death, Alm took out a pistol grip shotgun, fired
two shots into the air and then shot himself in the face.  Toxicology reports showed that Alm had a blood alcohol-level of .14 and Lynch's blood-alcohol level was a staggering .30.